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GIC’s signature 9-week Personal Development Workshop, young women are given techniques, insights, training and a platform for discussion. The program meets young women where they are, acknowledging the reality and pressures facing so many of today’s young women. This program has many objectives. It focuses on building a sense of belonging with each individual member.  During the delivery of the program, the young women are often able to find security and comfort in each other, thus increasing the self-confidence of everyone. The mentors will teach the mentees how to resist negative peer pressure, help them to think critically with regards to negative media messages and address personal health issues by educating them about substance abuse.


- The “Girl Power” Program: Serves female students, ages 10-14.

 - The “Girls Thrive” Program: Serves female students, ages 15-19.


Mentees will participate in carefully selected activities and engaging group discussions, headed by successful individuals and organizations in the areas of health, finance and education. Workshops will begin in the months of April and September for nine consecutive Saturday weeks, for approximately 2 hours.


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