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What Your Support Can Do

$56,800 can support the entire program of 50 at risk young women and teenage parents to participate in the Girls in Charge (GIC) Program for one year and three at risk young women can receive a scholarship to college. 

Girls In Charge believes that it truly takes a community to raise a successful, healthy child. The mentoring program is the foundation of our organization and our strategy to bring about positive changes to at-risk young women and teenagers, in disadvantaged communities. 


$34,000 can support the mentoring of 25 at risk young women and teenage parents to participate in the Girls In Charge Program for one year.

Girls In Charge believes that teen parents (and their child/ren) deserve a chance to take charge of their lives. We strive to produce Dedicated, Responsible, Educated, Aspiring and Motivated (DREAM) mothers.


$11,300 can support the mentoring of 10 at risk young women and teen parents to participate in the Girls In Charge Program for one year.

Girls In Charge will teach the young women how to resist negative peer pressure, help them to think critically with regards to negative media messages and address personal health issues by educating them about substance abuse.


$1000 can support one at risk young woman or teen parent to participate in the Girls In Charge Program for one year and put her on a path to a higher education.

The Girls In Charge (GIC) mentoring program is dedicated to helping young women develop a deeper understanding of who they are destined to be. GIC Mentors influence young women in such a way that it builds them up, edifies and encourages them to duplicate this attitude in family, friends, and others.

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