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DREAM Teen Parent Program

GIC believes that teen parents (and their child/ren) deserve a chance to take charge of their lives. We strive to produce Dedicated, Responsible, Educated, Aspiring and Motivated (DREAM) mothers. Being a teenage mother is not an easy task; however, with the assistance of this program, young mothers will gain the support they need to become successful individuals in spite of their circumstances. DREAM matches pregnant or parenting girls, ages 13-21, with an adult, female mentor and offer workshops on education, health and hygiene, self-esteem, parenting, etiquette, job readiness, and more. Mentors meet one-on-one or in small groups on a monthly basis to discuss ambitions, hopes, positive attitudes necessary for success, and ways to achieve dreams. 

What We Do


Our mission

Our mission is to uplift, empower, and educate teenage mothers.


Our purpose

Our purpose is to instill positive self-respect that will enable teenage moms to be confident and successful. 


What Do Mentors Do?

  • Provide one-on-one mentoring 9-weeks with the mother and her baby

  • Provide group mentoring/ support

  • Provide community resources that are available to the families

  • Help the mother with independent living, continuing education and employment goals

  • Offer scholarships to graduating moms who are entering the college life

  • Provide workshops on: Preparation for higher education, health and hygiene, self-esteem, parenting, job readiness, etc.

  • Provide baby necessities


Mentors meet with one-on-one and/ or small groups of Mentees on a monthly basis to discuss ambitions, hopes, positive attitudes necessary for success, and ways to achieve dreams.


Mentors serve as supportive, caring role models, focusing on health care for the mother and her baby; educational and employment goals; child development and parenting; community services; family planning and self-experiences to support teen parents as they face their future.

About Teen Parenting


Women of today....

Many successful women of today been through similar traits as our current teenage moms of today and have been through many obstacles to achieve their goals in spite of their circumstances.


Our mentors know that being a teenage mother is not an easy task; therefore our mentors share their personal stories, knowledge and techniques for success. With the assistance of this program teen mothers will gain the support they need to become successful individuals in spite of their circumstances.


Although Girls In Charge works to provide resources and support for teenage mothers, we also work diligently to prevent teenage pregnancy. In no way do we encourage teenage pregnancy.


Does being a teen parent mean your life is over?

No, it does not. Teenage mothers should not feel that because they became pregnant at a young age that their dreams and goals cannot be accomplished. Instead of belittling them we should be encouraging them to not give up.


Need help?

If you are between the ages of 13-21 and are pregnant or a parenting teen, please contact us today to find out what Girls In Charge has for you!


Interested teen moms, mentor/volunteers, and alternative schools can contact Shell Owens by email: or call 954-864-2268.

Get involved

Why get involved? 

Teen moms are less likely to graduate from high school, or find a stable, high paying job.


Therefore implementing this program in Alternative High Schools would help prevent high school drop-out and increase access to higher education. The program was created to prepare teen moms to be leaders within the community and to help them become strong, accountable, respectable, and loveable mothers to their child(ren).


Alternative High Schools

GIC would like the opportunity to partner with Alternative High Schools in Broward County. Our staff would like to be partnered up and/or contracted to work in the schools as partner employees to perform a variety of school-related functions including one-on-one meetings with students, classroom assistance, provide baby necessities, and etc. We strive to provide safe and quality programs that help develop adolescent girls into strong and healthy young adults. All of our services focus on our core values of caring, trustworthiness, and respect. Helping teens fulfill their potential in life is our goal.




Who Can Participate?

Any pregnant or parenting mom, ages 13-21, who would like extra support and mentorship from a caring mentor can participate in the program. Participants must reside within Broward County.

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