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The mentees will enroll in a 9-weekly life skills workshop, held on Saturdays for approximately 2 hours. During those 9-weeks they will be assigned a mentor who will provide one on one support and encouragement. Mentees will participate in carefully selected activities and engaging group discussions, headed by successful individuals and organizations in the areas of health, finance and education. 


Time: 12pm- 2pm


Ages: Age Group: 10-14 & 15-19


Location: 2755 West Atlantic Blvd

Unit 102

Pompano Beach, FL 33069


For More Information

Contact: Shell Saint Paul 954-864-2268 

9-week Personal Development Workshop 2016


Apil 2 - Session 1 

Introduction to program / Orientation-Healthy relationships /Respect for Self and Others

Identifies different types of relationships, signs of healthy and unhealthy relationships and how to manage conflict within a relationship. Promotes relationship-building between girls and creates a space for girls to practice treating self and other’s with kindness and respect.


April 9 - Session 2 

General Financial Education

This workshop focuses on the basic approach to the fundamentals of personal finance and money management. Help students learn to take control of their money instead of letting money control them. Young people who learn money management early can avoid many of the costly mistakes that would otherwise set them back as they plan for their futures.


April 16 - Session 3 

Etiqutte's for a Girl

Girls will learn the rules of basic etiquette and good manners. Now, in addition to teaching the basics like covering your mouth and not interrupting, the young women will also learn how to polish their social and communication skills; how to appreciate their good points and concentrate on developing them; develop their confidence in their knowledge and ability to handle new situations with ease; how to become more effective in their lives; and prepare them to be ethical citizens of the community. 



April 23 - Session 4

Self-Esteem & Trust

Young women will develop positive Self-Esteem by participating in a variety of self-esteem building activities. Young women will discuss ways to maintain self-worth and confidence while helping them acknowledge values and appreciated the unique strengths and qualities within themselves and others.


April 30 - Session 5

Teen Parenting

Our focus is to educate young women on prevention of teen pregnancy.


May 7 - Session 6

Media Messages

Helps young women develop critical thinking skills in response to media messages.



May 14 - Session 7

Alcohol & Drugs Prevention

Informs and educates about substance abuse, diseases and addiction. GIC plays a critical role in developing and applying knowledge and best practices in alcohol and drug use prevention among adolescents.


May 21 - Session 8

Peer Pressure/Anti-Bullying

Young women will identify peer pressure & bullying and discuss ways to avoid following the crowd.


May 28 - Session 9

Keys’ to SUCCESS

To enhance the career opportunities of our youth, by empowering them to graduate from high school and obtain a college degree. Exposes young women to a variety of careers. Helps young women recognize the importance of setting goals and defining personal goals as it helps defines their future.

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