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Mentoring programs help young women build confidence at a critical time where self-esteem is plummeting. Quality mentoring programs teach critical thinking skills and empower girls to form a tight-knit group where they can develop authentic and genuine relationships. Mentoring programs also generate relationship with other young women while providing a safety environment: each girl can honestly share her feelings, disagree with others, and build her inner strength to use her voice to regain confidence. 



How to Sponsor the Girls In Charge Program in Your Community:

Each session requires supplies for the participants. Please contact Shell Saint Paul @ 954-864-2268 if you would like to donate to Girls in Charge mentoring program.



How to get people involved:

Communities throughout the South Florida area can benefit from actively participating in GIC. Please send an email to if you would like to donate and/or more information on how to get your community involved.


Get Involved

Why consider a mentoring program in your community?

There are many reasons to consider a girls mentoring program in your community. First of all, young women face the greatest decline in self-esteem when they move from elementary school to junior high school. Secondly, young women change the way in which they interact with others when the pressures of the outside world, specifically media, leave lasting impressions on how they should think, act, look and feel in order to be accepted. In addition,  young women often is confused when experiencing her first attraction to boys; even more then the boys begin noticing her.

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