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Discover the Rewards of Our Mentorship/Scholarship Program


9-week Personal Development Workshop

GIC’s signature 9-week Personal Development Workshop, mentees are given techniques, insights, training and a platform for discussion. 


Shellreter Owens Scholarship Fund

Girls In Charge (GIC) believes it is our responsibility to encourage, as well as financially support the advancement of education in the lives of our young women through the "Shellreter Owens Scholarship Fund".


Girl’s Serve

Girls’ ages 10 to 19 who want to make a difference in their lives and community while committing themselves to making positive choices will meet every 3rd Saturday.


DREAM Teen Parent Program

GIC believes that teen parents (and their child/ren) deserve a chance to take charge of their lives. We strive to produce Dedicated, Responsible, Educated, Aspiring and Motivated (DREAM) mothers.


The Parent/Guardian Effect

We offer parent workshops to educate parents about the program and empower them with parenting skills.

Tutoring Program

We plan to incorporate our mentoring program to coincide with the Public school calendar by establishing a tutoring program along with extra help in academic areas where individuals are showing signs of difficulty or falling behind. 

To enroll in our Mentorship/Scholarship program click on globe and download our enrollment form

GIC Girls Enrollment

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