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Our Founder

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Founder and President

When I was a girl…..

I imagine a future filled with hopes and dreams. But then my life took an unexpected turn, and I was forced to put my dreams on hold.

                                            -Shellreter Owens

Shell Saint Paul is the youngest of four children, who was raised by a divorced mother in Pompano Beach, FL, who struggled to provide and care for her children, due to her low income. Growing up in Mrs. Saint Pauls’ home, education was not important and was not promoted due to the limited high school education her mother received and was not encouraged to obtain a high school diploma because her grandmother had limited elementary education. Mrs. Saint Paul believed that the lack of knowledge and education in her home, lead her to become a high school drop-out, and became a teen parent at the age of seventeen. 

Mrs. Saint Paul began to look for a father-figure she thought was missing in her life and found a man who she believed to be her partner for life. During that union a beautiful daughter was born. Unfortunately, she had, in fact, married a man who was controlling to the point of preventing her from growing as a person, communicating with her family and developing her gifts and talents. To take more control of her life they moved to Tallahassee, FL. Not long after the move and four years of trying to make the marriage work, for the sake of her children. Mrs. Saint Paul was liberated from the unhealthy condition she experienced while married to her ex-husband.


After moving to the college environment in Tallahassee, FL, Mrs. Saint Paul saw young adults her aged pursuing their dreams and careers, which opened a new world; full of questions. Why do people go to college? What does a person need in order to attend college? What could they achieve after college?


After she researched her questions, she decided that attending college was the first step of preparation to pursue her dreams and cultivate her gifts and talents. Her first step was to complete the GED program with success and once she obtained her GED she knew she was on the road to success.


Mrs. Saint Paul is an educator, who obtained an Associate of Arts degree in Accounting and a Bachelor’s degree in Supervision and Management, from Broward College located in Coconut Creek, FL. Mrs. Saint Paul is the founder and president of Professional Business and Tax Solution, Inc. and pursuing a career as a mathematics teacher.


Mrs. Saint Paul has finally taken charge of her life and future; extremely happy about the changes she has made to redirect her life. She became at peace that the sacrifices she made during her life will be well worth the sacrifice for a better future. Her strong desires and determination to complete her college education and the many obstacles that she overcame made her a confident woman; which she believes that she can achieve anything.


Mrs. Saint Paul is very grateful for the opportunities to be an applicant of many scholarships through-out her college experience, which encouraged her to create the “Shellreter Owens Scholarship” award; to help give back to the community which will help and encourage adolescent girls to pursue their dreams and aspirations. She made a promise to herself that when she finished college and positioned herself in a positive direction, she would create a program that will mentor adolescent girls.


Mrs. Saint Paul has established the “Girls In Charge, Inc.” (GIC) mentoring program, where the girls can learn life lessons through group activities and discussions. She wants to give young girls the opportunity to better themselves and build up their self-esteem; an opportunity she did not have as a young girl growing up. She believes if there was a girl mentoring program during her youth, maybe her life would have been directed in a different direction. She is forever grateful to all the mentors for all the help she received enabling her to make positive life changing decisions.

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