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What is Girls In Charge, Inc.?

The Girls In Charge (GIC) mentoring program is dedicated to helping young women develop a deeper understanding of who they are destined to be. We offer a variety of preventative programs and enrichment activities designed to build self-esteem, character, and leadership for girls between the ages of 10-19.


GIC connect young women together to support each other and develop overall strong, positive relationships. We believe that now, more than ever, a mentoring program, such as ours, which emphasizes parental involvement, is a necessity for the proper development of young adolescents. The mentoring program is the foundation of our organization and our strategy to bring about positive changes to at-risk youth and teenagers, in disadvantaged communities. 


This program has many objectives. It focuses on building a sense of belonging with each individual member. During the delivery of the program, the girls are often able to find security and comfort in each other, thus increasing the self-confidence of everyone. The mentors will teach the mentees how to resist negative peer pressure, help them to think critically with regards to negative media messages and address personal health issues by educating them about substance abuse.

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